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Vintage Tradition Tallow Balm

Recommended product

Tallow Balm - natural skin care

We recommend this fabulous Tallow Balm natural skin care product! The main and key ingredient of this balm is tallow from our 100% grass-fed beef cows, and it is made by two of our dairy shareholders! The only other ingredients are olive oil and essential oils.

You can obtain this Tallow Balm at the Vintage Tradition website, and you can also purchase it directly from us at the farm, at the market, and at the milk and meat pick-up.

We love this balm! It is the only skin care product that healed Doug’s cracked and chapped hands. He tried everything on the market, but none had the healing power to do more than moisturize. This balm has tallow, which is so much like the oils in our own skin, and it is so healing. Since it is made with our grass-fed beef tallow, it contains so many nutrients. Like Doug, I (Kim) use the balm on my hands, which were extremely dry from working in water most of the day. I also use it on my face, and it is the best cure for “flip-flop feet” (dry/cracked heels). We use it on our youngest son to soothe his occasional diaper rash.

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