Larga Vista Ranch

Pasture-raised Pork

Colorado pasture-raised, free-range pork

Big Red, a pasture-raised sow, on the pasture in front of her straw-bale house


Tamworth (Heritage Irish grazing breed) crossed with Gloucester Old Spot

Living Conditions

At Larga Vista Ranch, we raise our hogs on pasture their entire lives. They are never confined and are rotated through different pastures. We use the pigs’ innate desire to root and dig to renovate our annual pastures.


Because they are on pasture and never in a shed, the fat from our pigs is a significant source of vitamin D.

When pigs are properly fed (that is, their nutritional needs are met) and in a stress-free environment, they are not inclined to resort to eating unmentionables (feces and carrion) as other pigs are. Our pigs’ grazing-based diet is GMO-free and is supplemented with extra milk from our dairy as well as with corn, grown here and soaked for optimal digestibility. They also receive kelp, garlic, and mineral supplements.

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The Benefits of Pastured Pork

“Many groups noted for their longevity, such as the inhabitants of Soviet Georgia, Okinawa, and the Vilcabamba of Ecuador, consume pork meat and lard in their diets on a daily basis. Lard is a good source of vitamin D.”

Nourishing Traditions, p. 32

“Studies of Soviet Georgian populations show that those that eat the most meat and fat live the longest, whereas vegetarian inhabitants of Southern India have the shortest lifespans in the world.”

Nourishing Traditions, p. 27