Larga Vista Ranch

Meat Questions and Answers

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell sides of beef?

We do not sell sides of beef. We sell cuts which can be purchased at the farm store or the Colorado Springs meeting place. We recommend Maytag Mountain Ranch for sides of beef.

Are sides of pork (whole and half hogs) available now?

Yes, whole and half hogs are available now!

Do you sell barbecue (30 - 40 lb) hogs?

We do not sell barbecue hogs.

What are your prices for cuts of beef and pork?

Please check our current availability list.

Where can I buy the cuts of beef and pork?

You can buy the cuts at the farm during store hours (11 am to 1 pm on Saturdays) or by appointment as well as at our booth at the Colorado Farm and Art Market in Colorado Springs.

I see your price for sides of pork in dollars per pound. What would a half-hog / whole hog cost?

Once the animal is slaughtered, the price for the actual animal is its carcass weight times the price per pound. A half hog averages 98 pounds, so multiply the per-pound price by 98, twice that for a whole hog.

Are there any other costs associated with hogs?

Customers also pay for the butcher’s processing, and the cost is determined by how you choose to have the meat cut up and whether you want sausage and curing of ham and bacon. A half hog averages $100 for processing.

How do I decide how to have my hog cut up?

Once we receive your non-refundable deposit, we will send you a cut sheet and discuss with you via email or phone how you would like your pork cut up (for example, thickness of chops, number of chops per pack, type of sausage, cured or fresh ham and bacon, and so on).

How much is the deposit for whole and half hogs?

The deposit is $400 for a whole hog and $300 for a half hog.

How can I pay my deposit?

You can pay by cash or check when you see us or send a check to our mailing address.

Where do I pick up my hog?

You may pick up your hog at the farm or have it brought to the Colorado Springs meeting place. We are not able to do home delivery.

How much meat do I get when I order a whole hog or half hog? How much of each cut will I get?

An average size hog carcass will be roughly 190 lb, which is 150 lb of cut and wrapped meat. For a whole hog you will receive approximately:
24 lb chops
26 lb shoulder cuts
10 lb ribs
40 lb ham
4 lb neck bones
14 lb bacon
30 lb sausage

What is used to cure the bacon and ham? Does your sausage contain MSG, nitrites, or gluten?

Our butcher uses a no-nitrite cure, which is Redmond Real Salt, a small amount of brown sugar, and garlic powder. After soaking in the brine, the ham and bacon are hickory-smoked in a controlled smoke house. Our sausages are free of MSG, nitrites, and gluten.

What organs can I get with my hog? Can I get the hooves?

Currently, the USDA inspector at our butcher allows liver and heart, but hooves are considered unclean and cannot be obtained. You may also have the fat.

What are your animals fed?

Please see our Grass-fed Beef and Pasture-raised Pork pages for full explanations of what each animal group eats on our grass-based farm.