Larga Vista Ranch

Meat and Farm Product Availability

Current selection

You may purchase the following farm products
at the farm store or at the Colorado Springs meeting place.

If your order is for pick-up on Wednesday at the Colorado Springs meeting place,
please email your order to us at by Tuesday at 5:00 pm.


Grass-finished Beef (Grass-fed, start to finish! No grain!)

Ground Beef          $8.50/lb
Ground Beef Patties (3 per pack)          $8.50/lb
Roast - various types (~ 4 lb)          $8.50/lb
Stew Meat          $8.75/lb
Shank (meat with bone and marrow)          $6.00/lb
NY/Rib Eye Steak          $18.00/lb
Sirloin          $13.00/lb
Sirloin Tip          $11.00/lb
Round Steak          $10.00/lb
Filet (typically .5 lb)          $26.00/lb
Stock Bones (bones without meat, 3 lb)          $10.00 per 3 lb
Brisket (usually 4 lb)          $9.00/lb


Pasture-raised Pork (GMO/MSG/nitrate/gluten-free)

Pork belly (~ 4 lb each, great for smoking)          $10.00/lb
Summer Sausage - 1 lb log (beef and pork)          $9.50/lb
Tenderloin (~ 3/4 lb each)          $18.00/lb
Bacon (3/4 lb)
(smoked/partially cooked, cured with orsa salt/organic brown sugar)
          $10.75 per 3/4 lb
Ham (average: 4 lb)          $10.60/lb
Ham Steak (average: 1.75 lb)          $10.75/lb
Chops (~ 1.25 lb/pack, 2 per pack)          $10.75/lb
Shoulder Roast (~ 3 lb)          $10.60/lb
SALE - Shoulder Steak (~ 1.5 lb/pack)          $9.99/lb (normally $10.75/lb)
Smoked Kielbasa (5 links per pack)          $9.00/lb
Bratwurst (5 links per pack)          $9.00/lb
Cajun Bratwurst (5 links per pack)          $9.00/lb
Italian Bratwurst (5 links per pack)          $9.00/lb
Ground Pork (1-lb chub)          $8.00/lb
Breakfast Sausage Meat (1-lb chub, mild or spicy)          $8.00/lb
Fresh Side (sliced uncured bacon)          $10.50/lb
Spare Ribs (~ 3 lb/pack)          $6.50/lb
Neck Bones (good for stock and soup)          $4.50/lb
Fat Back Lard (~ 2 lb)          $17.00/qt
Leaf Lard (~ 2 lb)          $18.00/qt



Roasted Joe Parker chiles - mild (frozen)          $7.00/qt
Roasted red peppers (Corno di Torro) (frozen)          $8.00/qt


Vintage Tradition Tallow Balm

2-ounce jar (Pretty Girly, Mild Manly, Almost Unscented, Totally Unscented)          $20.00 each
Information on Vintage Tradition Tallow Balm