Larga Vista Ranch

Colorado Raw Milk Dairy:
Colorado Springs & Pueblo

Got raw milk, Colorado Springs and Pueblo? We do!

Grass-fed is best! Our cows are never fed any grain.

We are fortunate to have rich soil and plentiful irrigation water to maintain mixed and nutrient-dense pastures, allowing for lush grazing nine months of the year.

We are one of the oldest all-grass dairies in Colorado.

Larga Vista Ranch Cow Share Program

Grass-fed dairy cow Punky on fall pasture

One share in our dairy herd will entitle the shareholder to one gallon of milk per week.

The one-time price per share is $40. Shareholders may buy as many shares as they like, each share being a one-time purchase. These shares may be sold back at any time.

In addition, there is a monthly boarding fee of $42 per share, which provides for the maintenance of the herd and the handling of the milk.

To include pick-up in Colorado Springs, the monthly fee is $50 per share (or $48 per share for more than one share).

Half shares are also available, and the prices are half of what is shown above.

How to become a shareholder

We will present each shareholder with a series of documents that serve as the legal contract between you and Larga Vista Ranch. The documents you will receive are as follows:

Bill of Sale:   This is the legal document reflecting your ownership of shares in the herd.

Boarding Contract:   This document is a binding agreement between Larga Vista Ranch and shareholders outlining the ranch’s responsibility to provide a steady and safe supply of milk and the shareholders’ commitment to make monthly boarding payments.

Herd Health Program:   This document describes the soil, plant, and animal health-monitoring program that we have established in order to ensure adequate nutrient intake and balance, building a level of nutrition that strengthens animal immunity and prevents susceptibility to pathogens.

Milk-handling Standards:   This detailed document defines the standards for the dairy facilities and the milking and milk-handling procedures. It guarantees a management program that meets or exceeds Grade A Dairy Standards.

One of our milk cows, Jill, with Doug's brother, Rick, in the pasture

Grass-fed is best!

Recent studies demonstrate that raw milk from cows that graze exclusively on grass and forages produce milk that has superior nutritional value to milk from cows that have been fed grain, with twice as much omega-3 fatty acids and beta-carotene. The omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids are in proper balance, and the content of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) is five times higher than in milk from grain-fed cows. CLA has been shown to be a potent defense against cancer.

Activator X, discovered by Dr. Weston Price, is a fat-soluble nutrient that is a potent catalyst to mineral absorption. It is found in milk from cows grazing on actively-growing forages.

See the difference between grain-fed raw milk and Larga Vista Ranch’s grass-fed raw milk here!

Benefits of Raw Milk

Raw milk contains important enzymes that help you assimilate the nutrients in milk. These enzymes are rendered inactive once milk is pasteurized.
Raw milk has all essential enzymes for digestibility. Pasteurized milk no longer contains the living enzymes that are necessary to assimilate the calcium, milk sugars, and milk solids contained in milk.
The many vitamins and minerals found in milk are more bio-available in raw milk.
Raw milk is safe! It contains lactic-acid producing bacteria that protect against pathogens that can contaminate milk and infect humans.

Additional Benefits of Whole Raw Milk

Glycosphingolipids are found in whole raw milk. These fats protect against gastrointestinal infections. Children who drink skim milk – minus the glycosphingolipids – have diarrhea rates 3 to 5 times greater than those who drink whole raw milk. Interestingly, what is called “whole milk” in stores has had much of the cream removed. No cream is removed from our milk, so you can still receive whole-milk benefits while using some of the cream top in other foods and beverages and to make butter.

A content raw milk dairy calf lounging in the fall grass

Benefits of Butter

Contains lecithin, arachidonic acid, and omega-3 and -6 short and medium chain fatty acids, which protect against infection.
Also contains palmitoleic acid, which has antimicrobial properties.
Butyric acid, a very short-chain saturated fatty acid, has anti-fungal and anti-tumoral effects, and it is unique to butter.
Butterfat contains trace minerals. The iodine in butter helps protect against goiter, and butter is extremely rich in selenium.

Cow and Milk Testing at Larga Vista Ranch

All of our dairy cows are tested for brucellosis and tuberculosis. However, Colorado is free from these diseases. Every month, we test our milk for cleanliness and pathogenic E. coli and salmonella.

To further understand why raw milk should be in your diet, visit:
The Weston A. Price Foundation
A Campaign for Real Milk
Raw Milk Association of Colorado

“The quality of the raw milk we get from Larga Vista Ranch is superb. It is truly enjoyed by our family, including our youngest member – our infant daughter. She was two months old when we put her on raw cow’s milk with minimal added supplements; after six children we believe this is the next best thing to breast milk.”

– Gina Biolchini, Colorado Springs, Colorado

“I noticed a difference immediately after drinking Larga Vista’s raw milk as compared with organic pasteurized milk. First of all, it tasted better; you could tell it was really fresh. After a few minutes had passed, I noticed that I was not developing any of the usual reactions I had to milk – runny nose, thickening of mucus in sinuses and throat, dizziness, spaciness, and so on. For the first time in 5-1/2 years, I was able to handle some dairy again! I drank some more before I went to bed that first day I tried their raw milk, and I slept sound as a rock. I had been having trouble sleeping for several years, so this was a welcome side effect I associate with the milk. Larga Vista’s raw milk is a wonderful and quality product, I have no reservations recommending it to anyone, and I do!”

– Leanne Nowlin, Pueblo, Colorado

“I always inform my patients that ‘if you want to be healthy you need to remove processed foods from your diet.’ One of the most common processed food groups in the American diet is pasteurized dairy products, which includes milk, cheese, ice cream, cottage cheese, sour cream, yogurt, and whipping cream. The evidence for pasteurized dairy products being toxic for human consumption has support from decades of significant scientific documentation. Do not be misled by contemporary ‘health authorities’ that say pasteurized dairy products are safe for human consumption. Raw milk has a multitude of health benefits which include healthy bones, skin, digestion, immune function, and normalization of weight. The facts are clear that only unpasteurized raw milk and related unpasteurized dairy products are safe for human consumption.”

– Dr. Mark Cooper, ND, LAc, Colorado Springs, Colorado

“I just wanted to let you know how much we miss your milk (and eggs and beef and pork). The Organic Pastures Dairy milk that is available in the stores here in California is convenient but does not taste even close to as good as your milk (although we still appreciate all that they do for raw milk rights). We were spoiled living in Colorado and didn’t even realize it. Let your customers know that they are getting the best milk (and eggs and beef and pork) in the world from your wonderful animals.”

– Lydia Palermo, Los Angeles, California